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Jamie Hatleberg

Jamie Hatleberg

Letter from the President

December 31, 2018

Dear Friends,

I want to thank everyone who has contributed this year to Among the Reeds.  I hope you had a Merry Christmas with family. We are so grateful for everyone who contributed. God worked through Among the Reeds in tremendous ways in 2018. (Please see newsletter below to check out our year in pictures.) With your support, children were fed and educated. Medical, dental, and vision services were provided. And the Among the Reeds members were given opportunities to continue higher education.

We continue these goals for next year, in addition to progress in drilling the well for the community of Leogane and moving forward in building the Bethel School. We are still in the planning phase for the well and school but hope to start the actual projects this year.  Our expectation is to have a master plan to show everyone by spring of 2019.  The well is a very large project that, if all goes as planned, will provide drinking water not just for the school but for the community. We plan to use green energy-efficient resources such as solar to power the school and the well.

This year we will also implement leadership training courses for the older students we sponsor. These conferences will be offered by Haitian professionals that have started successful businesses of their own despite also coming from very poor circumstances.

Among the Reeds continues to improve and to change as we grow. Please continue to pray for continued blessings.  We believe that as we live our lives with open hands, walking in love, and having faith, that Among the Reeds will continue to prosper.

Here are some the ways we want to improve and grow this year:

  1. Showing our gratefulness to you by sending you more updates and communication regarding our progress.  We do not want to bombard you with overwhelming details. However, we want you to know your donations are going to the projects that we are implementing.
  2. Have home dinners or speaking engagements to share the stories and updates of the people that are being affected by Among the Reeds giving. There are so many featured individuals that need to be noticed throughout the year, people who are changing their communities.
  3. We are going to restructure to allow for myself and an administrator to receive a small salary. I recently stepped out in faith and quit my job as a nurse to attend to the needs of Among the Reeds full time. I already am feeling the blessings from this decision. However, financially it is a stretch. God’s provision is real and true.
  4. Possibly running two mission trips this year. The volunteer interest is staggering as we already have many wanting to sign up.
  5. Increase social media efforts using video and featured stories. We will use Haitian and American photographers and videographers to reach this goal.

These are just a few main points we want to improve on. Now that I am working full time with Among the Reeds I believe this is going to be a remarkable year.

If you would like to make a year-end donation, please go to I know this is cliché but without your help Among the Reeds would not be what it is today. Please continue to pray and pass the word on to others. Remember, we receive employee matching from large companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amgen, Pfizer, Bill Gates Foundation, Nordstrom, and more.  This is the year for great and amazing change for Among the Reeds.

You are a blessing to us and we thank the Lord every day for you all.



Jamie Hatleberg


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