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Fundraising Opportunities

So many ways to give!
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Ways to support!

Give up to lift up campaign!

The average American spends 80.00 dollars a buy coffee drinks and 148.00 on going out just to lunch a month. But what if the average American decided to redirect some of that spending into things that would give back to communities and individuals that need it the most.  

More ways to give!
Create a Fundraiser for Your Birthday

Facebook, Gofundme or other crowd fundraising for your birthday, wedding or other special day! #giftforhaiti

Organize a Community Garage or Yard Sale

Raise money by holding a yard sale.

What Is the Difference Between Adopting and Fostering?
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Volunteer locally

Are you passionate about using your gifts to support and empower people in the underdeveloped world but your life will not allow you to go at this time?

Volunteer Overseas

Do have a heart to serve others while learning from a different culture? Then going on an missions trip may be a perfect opportunity!

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